When you complete the course your tutor will mark each paper and complete all the neccessary paperwork for the exam body. Your paperwork is then passed to an internal verifier who attends the office once a week who will check all papers on the course and the tutors paperwork. This is an assessment of quality and security. This paperwork once verified internally is passed back to be then entered onto the exam bodies website and the results entered. Here there could be a request for an external assessment and copies of all paperwork are supplied where they are checked to make sure that everything is complete and that the quality and security  has been maintained. Hopefully  your certificates are then sent out to us where they are signed, scanned, packed into an envelope and sent out to you.

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Why does my certificate take so long?

We scan all certificates and we store them digitally so that if you lose your certificate or its gets damaged we can send out a digital copy by email as long as you can confirm certain details about yourself you supplied on your initial registration.

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Why are my certificates scanned?
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If you have activated your certficate with us then we have a digital copy attached to your file and can normally email a copy to you within 24hrs at no extra charge.

If need a paper copy then there is a form you need to complete and there is a £20.00 charge from the exam body which you have to pay before we can order you a copy. Delivery normally takes 7 to 10 days and the certificate is sent directly to your home address by the exam body.

I have lost my certificate and need a copy!

All our internal verifiers have full time roles in Pre hospital care so when they not working they are teaching or assessing. We meet with them weekly to process paperwork which helps to keep our costs and course fee's to a minimum. The average production and delivery for a certificate is 4 to 6 weeks depending on you completeing all the paperwork correctly and succesfully passing the course. Because of the rigarous security and quality standards we adhere to it takes this long to ensure we meet those high standards. If you need a copy of your certicate urgently there is a 7 day 'fast process system' available but there is an additional charge to your basic course fee. We can speed the service up but it means we have to assign a member of staff to physically take your paperwork through the system and arrange for an out of hours visit from a verifier to check and sign the paperwork. When we receive your certificate we then send it by Royal Mail registered post which will require you to sign on receipt.

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How long will my certificate take to arrive?
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How long do you keep copies of my certificates?

We keep all your course paperwork as paper files and digital copy certificates for three years and then all as digital copies for three further years.

Why do I have to activate my certificate?
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You need to verify and activate your certificate so that we can attch your digital copy to your profile and paperwork on our system. This means if you loose or damage your certificate we can email you your copy within 24 hours.

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