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COVID-19: guidance for Nursery and education settings

I have assembled the latest guidance for Nursery and education settings and hopefully this will answer some of the questions I am getting. 

Click the images below to open up the files which you can then print out or save.

Students who are part way into a course, do not worry we will pick up from where we left off with a small refresher at the start of the course. Speak to Debra Jones about rearranging the days you have already booked.

Watch out for an important development we are due to launch soon and watch out for our new app for ios and android that is due to launch in the next few months.

We are taking precautionary measures to ensure that we can still support your business while keeping our own staff safe and healthy. We can assure you that while this situation develops, we will be maintaining full business continuity and our usual high level of customer service.


We will keep you informed on any news as it develops.


Good luck and stay safe


Paul Kenny

Screenshot 2020-10-02 at 11.38.03.png
Screenshot 2020-10-02 at 11.37.38.png
Screenshot 2020-10-02 at 11.36.52.png

CPR during COVID-19

Screenshot 2020-06-04 at 12.11.52.png
Screenshot 2020-04-28 at 16.14.55.png
Screenshot 2020-04-03 at 11.32.38.png
Screenshot 2020-04-22 at 14.39.51.png
Screenshot 2020-04-22 at 14.40.56.png
Screenshot 2020-04-03 at 11.31.32.png
Screenshot 2020-04-03 at 12.14.09.png
Screenshot 2020-03-13 at 20.48.05.png
Screenshot 2020-03-13 at 20.48.19.png
Childrens Coronavirus Fact Sheet -Nation
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