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Qualify at Home

At this time of isolation and working from home we need to keep our skills and qualifications current and up to date. With our mix of blended learning topics, we think we can help with that.

Cost of the courses will stay the same as already advertised but we may in the future have to increase charges if the current outbreak continues due to depletion in our supplies of existing manikin lungs and faces.

There are three types of courses to choose from.

  • e-learning

  • Blended learning

  • Classroom learning

The e-learning course is a stand-alone course usually an introduction to a subject. Anybody can access these courses. Several of our clients use these for new starters and include them as part of the business induction process. Students after successfully finishing a course can printout a certificate of attendance or completion.

These courses are booked directly with us and can be paid with a credit or debit card and prices start from as low as £5.00.

There are also several e-learning courses that can be taken and then used as evidence towards a level 2 or level 3 course very similar to blended learning courses.

Blended learning course is designed to follow the classroom course but allows a large majority of the theory to be completed online. Typically, on 12-hour Paediatric course students will complete 6 hours online and then attend for 6-hour practical session and final exam.

Blended learning offers the chance to study at home or work at your own pace and time, working with equipment you feel confident to use. (Unfortunately, mobile phones cannot at the moment be used for e-learning).

When you have completed your online portion of the course you can arrange to attend your practical session with us. Contact Debra Jones at Bolton Under Fives Forum (BUFF) to arrange this.

We are still offering traditional courses where students complete all the course in a classroom environment. These will continue to be booked with Debra Jones at Bolton Under Fives Forum (BUFF)

First Aid Blended Courses


The online portion of the course also gives the student a digital copy of the latest first aid book which they can use on phones, tablets or computer. ​

Practical assessments.

We are running small group sessions of no more than 8 students at a time, in a space big enough to keep the recommended social distancing requirements of:

Social distancing means staying 2 metres (6ft) apart from other people’. HSE ‘Social distancing, keeping businesses open and in-work activities during the coronavirus outbreak’.

For our First Aid courses we offer students 1 to 1 with the Manikins (Adult, Child and infant), AED and Auto-injectors and we guarantee no shared equipment. Students are given training packs upon arrival containing first aid dressing, gloves, mouth shield, small bottle of water and face mask. Other preventative measures have also been introduced and these will be included in your booking pack when we confirm your class attendance date.

Blended e-learning courses available

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