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New Guide from the HSE for Healthcare workers on Masks

The HSE have released a new video on the correct use of masks by Health care professionals. The video is also useful for childcare professionals who are wearing the FFP2 or N95 Masks.

Respirators are used to prevent inhalation of small airborne particles arising from AGPs.

All respirators should:

  • be well fitted, covering both nose and mouth

  • not be allowed to dangle around the neck of the wearer after or between each use

  • not be touched once put on

  • be removed outside the patient room or cohort area or COVID-19 ward

Respirators can be single use or single session use (disposable) and fluid-resistant. Note that valved respirators are not fully fluid-resistant unless they are also ‘shrouded’. Valved, non-shrouded FFP3 respirators are not considered to be fluid resistant and therefore should be worn with a full face shield if blood or body fluid splashing is anticipated.

FFP3 respirators filter at least 99% of airborne particles. The HSE states that all staff who are required to wear an FFP3 respirator must be fit tested for the relevant model to ensure an adequate seal or fit (according to the manufacturers’ guidance). Fit checking (according to the manufacturers’ guidance) is necessary when a respirator is donned to ensure an adequate seal has been achieved.

The new guide and video are on the main website COVID-19 page

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